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Do electronic cigarettes help those looking to quit tobacco cigarettes?
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Do electronic cigarettes help those looking to quit tobacco cigarettes?
At this moment in time electronic cigarettes cannot be sold as a smoking cessation aid due to the legal status of medical devices and the greater regulatory requirements. However, there was an interesting article in yesterday's Telegraph which quoted a recent survey by the University College London - funded by Cancer Research UK.

The survey took in 5863 smokers across England attempting to reduce/quit tobacco cigarettes. The only proviso for those taking part in the survey was that they were not to use prescription medication or take professional support during their challenging period. So, what did the report, published in the journal "Addiction", confirm and what can we draw from the conclusions?

E-cigarettes 60% more effective than nicotine gum/patches

The headline makes impressive reading for the electronic cigarette industry, and the vaping community as a whole, suggesting that electronic cigarettes are 60% more effective than nicotine gum/nicotine patches. Interestingly, the survey shows that of those using electronic cigarettes as their tool of choice to reduce tobacco cigarette intake, 20% had quit "real" cigarettes during the time the survey was carried out.

This survey is a bitter blow to the pharmaceutical industry which has a stranglehold on the smoking cessation market and in particular nicotine gum and nicotine patches. We will no doubt hear an array of challenges over the days ahead suggesting the survey was too small, it is one of many showing different results with possibly further regulatory pressure on the ecig industry. However, it does seem as though the secret is out, something which the pharmaceutical industry has been looking to keep away from the public eye for some time?

More electronic cigarette trials on the way

While this is one of many surveys ongoing at the moment, looking into the long-term health implications of electronic cigarettes, all parties agree that more information and more trials are required. It does seem as though the wider media industry is turning more positive on electronic cigarettes as a potential means of reducing the impact of tobacco cigarettes on health. Some estimates suggest that tobacco cigarettes are responsible for one in four cases of cancer in the UK and therefore anything which can reduce this should, and must eventually, be welcomed.

Even though there are still some questions to be answered regarding electronic cigarettes there is no doubt that a more balanced debate of late has assisted the general public in considering their options. We have seen the emergence of second and third generation vaping devices although interestingly it was the so-called "cigalike" products which proved to be more successful for those looking at quitting tobacco cigarettes.

Should politicians reduce their attacks on ecigs?

Time and time again politicians around the world have intervened to criticise electronic cigarettes, question their effectiveness as well as introducing an array of myths, rumours and untruths about the industry. Arguments such as "electronic cigarettes are a gateway to tobacco cigarettes" have been shot down time and time again with this latest report, funded by the Cancer Research UK charity, confirming electronic cigarette use amongst "never smokers" is negligible.

Perhaps now is the time to recognise the potential role which electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices could play in the fight against tobacco cigarette addiction? More information is required, more medical trials will come online and more information should be made available to the general public. However, even the most ardent of critics recognise that electronic cigarettes are at worst "less harmful" than their tobacco cigarette counterparts with some medical experts suggesting they are 99% less harmful. Need we say more?

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21-05-2014 07:52 AM
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