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Coil killer remedy?
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RE: Coil killer remedy?
(01-02-2016 07:22 PM)Chuck-Drl Wrote:  thak you for your critique ( no sacasim intende ) ¬†with limited finance ¬†learning to make my own juices seems the road best traveled .
as far as time , im disabled and an insomniac . time is the one thing i have in abundance .
The least spendy option is to get large filter paper circles of a suitable pore size. Fold them in 4 then put them in a suitable glass funnel. If you warm the PG, it'll go a little faster. Use a coffee filter as a pre filter so the finer filter doesn't have so much work to do. The keyword is quantitative papers. You don't need ashless ones though - they are only required when you want to know the ash content of the filtrate.

This will be slow. My 0.7 micron water filter (Which got used after the water had been boiled for 20 minutes) passed about 2 litres a day. And the ceramic filter elements cost a fortune when they clogged.
01-02-2016 07:35 PM
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