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Canadian ecig regulations challenged by industry
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Canadian ecig regulations challenged by industry
The Canadian Vaping Association has mounted a legal challenge to electronic cigarette regulations introduced by the Québec authorities. This is an issue which has been ongoing for some time now after last year’s legislative changes which many believe were outside the remit of the Québec authorities. The so-called “Bill 44” prohibits the display of vaping products in-store, prohibits promotion, banned the testing of electronic cigarettes in speciality shops as well as barring online sales of vaping products.

While many in the UK and the US believe that recent regulations are restrictive they are nowhere near as tough as those introduced by the Québec authorities!

Constitutionality of the law

While the Canadian Vaping Association is taking centre stage on this particular battle it is backed by an array of vaping companies and end-users. There is a growing opinion that the Québec authorities have overstretched their remit and indeed the restrictions they brought in last year, which will be introduced over the next couple of years, are both restrictive and potentially illegal.

While Canada is not the only country which has attracted more than its fair share of attention regarding vaping regulations this could be an interesting test case for other countries around the world. Politicians have for some time now been adamant that electronic cigarettes and vaping products should be treated under the same umbrella as tobacco products. The main connection between tobacco cigarettes and vaping products is nicotine but aside from that there are very few similar ingredients.

Big tobacco fightback

It is interesting to see that the likes of Imperial Tobacco have also launched their own legal challenge against the Québec regulations especially when you bear in mind their recent investment in vaping/electronic cigarettes. There were also a number of amendments to tobacco regulations in Québec which will have caught the attention of big tobacco companies.

Who would have thought just a few years ago that tobacco companies and vaping supporters would be on the same side fighting the authorities and their constant quest to introduce very restrictive regulations?

Is this the first of many challenges?

There is an array of legal challenges ongoing around the world as the tobacco and vaping companies continue to fight their corner. Some experts believe that many of the regulations introduced around the globe are fatally flawed because the research they are based upon is itself potentially misleading. We also have the debacle of the FDA attempting to introduce regulations in the US which more than four years down the line have yet to be placed upon the statute books.

If it was really an open and shut case regarding electronic cigarettes and their impact upon a user’s health compared to tobacco products, then why are regulations taking so long to introduce? If the research upon which many of these proposed regulations are based does turn out to be fatally flawed then where does this leave the authorities with regards to legal recourse and rulings against their recently introduced regulations?

The battle goes on!

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15-04-2016 10:12 AM
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