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Can you rebuild TFV8 coil packs ??
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Can you rebuild TFV8 coil packs ??
Ive ben asked a few times if cloud beast coils could be rebuilt .If you like to keep things simple then the short simple answer is no . However if you enjoy a challenge then the answer is of'corse , if you can take it apart without destroying it then it can be rebuilt .

By no means is it a cake walk to break down a coil pack but the quad coil is less argumentative . You will need a few tools and gadgets to pull this off .

1. A pair of locking pliers
2. A patch of sof fabric or neopreen { Easily stollen from a mouse pad )
3. A pair of needlepoint tweezers .
4. A maul of some sort , but probablt not a splitting maul lol . Black powder hunters will be remiliar with a ball starter , those who aren't just ask at any hunting outfiter or gun shop .
Finally your build kit and dome muji or ko gen do cotton .

Start by genly removing the positive terminal , fingers work well enogh . Then pull ot the insolator .
With your tweezers remove the small oring . And set these items aside
Use the pach of fabric to protect the outer ring of the coil unit be sure tot to gorilla grip it ,but get a firm grip . Place your maul in the center and push out the core , go a head give it a good shove .
Peel away the cotton and remove the coils ( 26g A1 3.5mm 5 wraps each ) .
Build 4 vertical coils , spaced wraps ( if useing Nichrome or SS go to 7 wraps ) Legs tuened down .
Cut stips of cotton roughly 1/3 inch use the core to gauge exact with and eseperate into 3 even layers . From the second strip reserve the outer most layer . You know the one most muji users discard .
Use your coil jig to hold the cools and wrap each coil fist under then over the upper leg , using tweezers to hold every thing together place coils in slots and turn lower leg over the bottom of core taking care wire is not in notches .
Replace the insolator guiding unturned wires throug midle , note the little key on either side ... you guesed it those go in the notches . Turn positive legs over insolator and replace positive terminal And trim away exess wire .
Renemde those outer bits of cotton that were saved , wrap the core in those evenly as posible .
Carefully work the outer ring over the core so not to bunch or dislocate the cotton wrap , now it will argue going back to it's proper spot . SQEEEEZE likie your pissed at it , if theres a small lip sqeeze it more .
Sob its finally there .
Slap that li'l o ring back on unless of'corse you prefer leaking then it's not necessary .
Finally install and juice that bi-ach . Happy vaping on your brand new 50 cent cloud beast coil .

Well i get bored when i can't sleep .

Dogs have owners , Cats have staff .
04-09-2019 08:08 PM
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RE: Can you rebuild TFV8 coil packs ??
Too much work for me!

Good on you Chuck.
04-09-2019 08:27 PM
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RE: Can you rebuild TFV8 coil packs ??
You are quite something else Chuck - glad you are on this forum and not any other - a great asset you are.[Image: good.gif]
04-09-2019 08:52 PM
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