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CTA: VOTE, Manifesto, Letter to the Editor
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CTA: VOTE, Manifesto, Letter to the Editor
Vapers In Power Call to Action 1st May 2015

Election Special

3 things you can do to help vaping this week

1. Vote in the General Election on May 7th. (If you are lucky enough to live in the Kingswood or Barnsley East constituencies you can vote for Vapers In Power candidates Liam Bryan or Billy Marsden)

2. Print off this Totally Wicked "manifesto" and stick it in the front window for the benefit of canvassers (and passers by). Use it to ask the people who want your vote where their candidate stands on the issue of jobs, the economy, SME’s and, above all, 100,000 preventable deaths per annum. Better yet - hand them a copy.

3. Email or write a letter to your local newspaper to highlight the benefits of vaping for the economy. All the #GE2015 candidates will be scrutinising the local newspapers this week – it’s a very good time to get a pro vaping letter published and the economy is a hot topic.
This Vaping and the UK Economy document has some good ideas and stats to include.

Vapers In Power Calls to Action

01-05-2015 08:57 PM
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RE: CTA: VOTE, Manifesto, Letter to the Editor
This is arguably the week in which we (as mere people) have the most power every five years. Anything you can do that is pro-vaping that your candidates will see in the next 5 days is absolutely worth doing. There are 133 seats where the majority is less than the number of vapers in that constituency (roughly, the no. of vapers is derived from an average) - if the candidates think the preservation of vaping is important, it will become important.

As I'm a candidate this time its surprising the emails I've got asking for support (gun control, football reorganisation, the Ukraine, traveller rights, data protection and nursing) - I've forgotten a few too. Maybe a revisit of a CTA from a few weeks back as well?

"3. If enough people write to/message/email or tweet their respective General Election candidates it will raise the profile of vaping at the election, and let them know vapers' opinions on Article 20. Put in your postcode here ( ) to get your candidates email addresses and ask for their views on vaping. You could use our sample email for ideas -"
01-05-2015 09:41 PM
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