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CTA: Bumper Easter Special
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CTA: Bumper Easter Special
Call to Action 2.3.15 (Bumper Easter Special)

We normally pick 3 - sometimes it's hard to whittle it down, sometimes we struggle to find three specific and topical things to suggest (that's quite rare though!). In honour of the double bank holiday and all that free time, we are presenting 5 actions this week. As ever, some are quick and easy, some take a bit of thought and effort. So, without further ado ...

You can help promote vaping this week by:

1) Signing this short but sweet petition to the EU:

2) Take the ECF Big Survey – it's surveys like this that give advocates ammunition in the fight against the ANTZ. The more people answer, the more powerful that ammunition is! It is a big survey (took me about 10 mins – the clue's in the title) but there is a prize draw!

3) Start thinking about attending and promoting this demo on 29th May 2015 – there's a Facebook page in the link, join it. Its only if actions like this actually happen that the TPD will be reconsidered (barring a TW win of course).

4) This one speaks for itself: but it might lead to more of this -

5) Complain to the GMC about Dr George Rae (his GMC registration number is 1327616). He featured on a radio show saying that ecigs were worse than smoking, specifically citing the presence of nitrosamines in ecigs as more likely to cause cancer than the tar from cigarettes. Actually listening to him is probably riskier than smoking a fag, so here's a transcript: Here's something from Dr Farsalinos to back up your complaint (its easy to find others): Here's some specific research about the levels of nitrosamines in ecigs (Table 2 is the biggie): This action takes the most effort, but calling out individuals like this is the steady chipping away at the mountain of ignorance that just has to be done if vaping is to prevail. You can complain (it lets you save and return) here:
03-04-2015 05:24 PM
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RE: CTA: Bumper Easter Special
Thanks for sharing. I've taken the survey and signed the petition. That article though... I can't even imagine the kind of stupidity it takes to write that campaign flyer about Ecigs containing all those dangerous chemicals. If they had researched it for ten seconds, they would have found tons of research showing that ecigs do not contain nickel, lead, etc etc. It seems the campaign managers are just making up a load of bullshit and hoping that the general public will take their word for it... And the sad thing is that's probably correct. I know for a fact that people like my parents are going to see things like that and join the anti-vaping movement, simply because "the health department said it, so it must be true." And that's what really pisses me off about this. It's bad enough to lie and promote misinformation, but it's even worse when they get good caring people to fight for them because of those lies. 
04-04-2015 07:11 PM
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