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CNN Article from FDA
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CNN Article from FDA

Here the FDA is stating they are "tobacco products" when they are not. They are trying to take away our vaping due to kids now using them even in schools. We cannot fix the problem with kids by harming the adults. The kids are doing the Tide Pod Challenge (stupid) but we are not banning Tide! We need more people lobbying for vape in Washington to stop them or we will not be able to vape soon. The new Chief took office a year ago and seems to want to make a name for himself.
You can write a letter to the FDA to support vape and confirm the lack of tobacco in vape here:
07-04-2018 11:55 AM
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RE: CNN Article from FDA
A kid in our neighborhood stole some 100proof alcohol and brought it to school, got caught, and now the family will have to go to drug and alcohol classes. Probably so the kid can still attend school there. I feel like everyone going to classes about it might be a little much. Jeesh!
However, alcohol will still be sold by every corner store.

Kids take grownup things, use and abuse them. Teens can get into alcohol and kill their selves in accidents or alcohol poisoning.

They are not banning alcohol.

Why all this for a vape?

"Nothing like a nic shot to the eye to wake you up in the morning"
07-04-2018 05:53 PM
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RE: CNN Article from FDA
Because the pharmaceutical companies who are funding the Pubic Health crazies don't get their cut from ecigs.

TVF tested battery info to be found here

[Image: 24291313393_16615b20b2_m.jpg]
07-04-2018 06:01 PM
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