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Building my Patriot RDA
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Building my Patriot RDA
Hi..I made my first attempt at building my Patriot. I watched at least 5 youtube videos. I bought a pack of Kanthal pre-made coils. I put two coils in, wicked, primed and failure. My first hit was flavorful, but I choked immediately. The Tank was getting a little hot. So I removed one coil and now its not too bad. What did I do wrong?Huh

02-05-2015 12:43 AM
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RE: Building my Patriot RDA
Did you check the resistance?

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02-05-2015 01:09 AM
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RE: Building my Patriot RDA
When you say you choked immediately, was it because of the heat or just the vapor itself? If the heat is an issue, just turn the power down on whatever device you're using. RDAs will get pretty hot when you're using them, because the coils heat up to vaporize the liquid and that heat is transferred to the metal body of the RDA. But you can make the vapor cooler by turning down the power, getting a longer drip tip, things like that. 

If it was the flavor/dryness of the vapor that made you choke, then I'd say you just got a dry hit. The main reason you'd get a dry hit is the coils not getting enough juice to them. Make sure to thoroughly saturate the wick with juice before you hit it. And if you still get a dry hit after that, then you've probably got the wick messed up. The cotton should fit somewhat snugly into the coil, but definitely not too snug. Make sure it isn't squashed (by which I mean, don't roll your cotton up, keep it fluffy) and it should be somewhat snug but still able to move back and forth inside the coil easily if you pull on one end. Too much cotton makes it too tight in the coil, which chokes out the juice so it can't get to the coil fast enough. On the other hand, if it's too loose it won't be able to pull enough juice to the coils, so you have to experiment and find a happy medium. 

Hope that helps!
02-05-2015 04:22 AM
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RE: Building my Patriot RDA
If it's to loose in the coil you will get "Hot Spots" causing the cotton to burn. I was getting like 10 good hits before having o drip it again. Then I started using less cotton thinking less was more. Boy was I wrong. I would get like two hits and it tasted burnt even though the cotton was still very wet. Then I found out about "Hot Spots" and having the cotton snug in the coil so that it touches the inside of the coil all around the inside. Now I'm back to no more burnt taste and like 10 or 11 hits before I have to drip it. I'm using 12 wrap dual coil 24 gauge Kanthal with Japanese Organic Cotton in the Dark Horse coming in at .5 ohms. Coils are wrapped around a 1/8 th drill bit so they hold a lot of cotton that's why I get a lot of hits before it goes dry.
02-05-2015 12:27 PM
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