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3 common misconceptions about e-cigarettes
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3 common misconceptions about e-cigarettes
Here we go then...

Most people have at least heard of E-cigs - yet many people know surprisingly little about them. For example, a lot of people think that electronic cigarettes are actually more expensive than cigarettes - while this definitely isn’t the case. In fact, the opposite is true. E-cigs can actually save you a lot of money (though it might cost a little bit more up-front to buy the device).

But some misconceptions tend to stick around a little bit more, and a lot of people use these as reasons for believing that vaping isn’t a good idea.

So here are 3 common misconceptions about E-cigs that tend to be pretty popular in the real world. We will also talk about why they aren’t correct, and will help to give you some information that might help to set the record straight.

They’re dangerous because they can explode when plugged into the charger

To start off, I will say that this has happened. But it definitely isn’t a normal thing. In fact, this exact same thing has happened with cell phones - so by that logic, if this is a reason not to use E-cigs, then we shouldn’t be using cell phones either!

The truth is that this is a very, very rare thing that can happen if there is some serious problem with the product. A faulty piece of equipment could possibly cause it. It could also happen if someone uses the wrong type of batter or the wrong charger.

Does this happen very often? No. Is it a normal thing? No. In fact, we’ve published an article specifically about this before on our blog. You can check it out if you’re interested in learning more - but the simple truth of the matter is that this is a freak occurrence that almost never happens - especially not anymore.

Electronic cigarettes are too complicated for novices to use

This is an understandable misconception - though it’s definitely not true. The truth is that some E-cigs are complicated - but this tends to be the most common with mods or advanced personal vaporizers. Cig-a-like E-cigs, eGos, and regular vape pens are usually so simple to use that there is literally no learning curve. Following a few simple instructions will make you an expert.

Some E-cigs have settings for voltage and wattage, and some of them also take different types of coils - and this level of sophistication does require a very basic understanding of the electronics involved. But this can often be learned by reading the instructions or by asking someone in your local vape shop for assistance. You can also read a few good articles online to brush up on the topic.

Learning about E-cigs is definitely not that difficult - even for the more advanced models and types.

E-cigs aren’t safe. At least cigarettes are made from real tobacco leaves.

This is a very, very understandable line of thought - but it’s definitely false. Yes, cigarettes make use of real tobacco leaves - but burning these leaves in their final, packaged form releases thousands of chemicals into the air - some of which are very toxic and dangerous. There are many known carcinogens in tobacco smoke, and the tar in the cigarettes will also hurt your lungs. Smoker’s lung is no joke - but this can be avoided by using E-cigs.

E-liquids generally only have 4 or 5 different ingredients - and even skeptics will admit that E-cigs currently seem much safer than cigarettes. Of course, long term studies haven’t yet been possible and we all know why - but so far, it seems that there’s really no question about the fact that cigarettes are definitely more dangerous than their electronic counterparts. Wink

If you wish to learn more about electronic safety then the following guide may become to a good use:

For more information about vaping, e-cigarette legislation, to see various e-cig guides, tips and video reviews - visit EcigsUK Blog.

Vape, vape and vape again.... Wink3
08-11-2015 07:31 AM
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